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“This place just isn’t what it used to be” heard from the deck of the merchant schooner Elisa

Welcome to Westcrown ; the once seat of the glorious Chelish state and the high temple of the Deserter God Aroden. The gracious and just House Thrune and the entirety of the Chelish Empire welcome you. I have been instructed to make the following primer on Chelish Language, custom and history available to you to aid you in your journey. Please feel free to examine this at your leisure by arranging a private viewing in my quarters in the office of foreign relations in Egorian by submitting the following request in writing to one of my underlings between noon and two.

Please remember that as esteemed guests of the nation, you are hereby to be treated as full citizens of the empire, entitled to all rights and obligations therefore. Ignorance of chelish law will be regarded as an admission of guilt and culpability subject to full and effective legal penalties.

Enjoy your stay.

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Main Page

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